Esther de Lange

Member of the
European Parliament,
The Netherlands 

Lieve Wierinck

Former Member of the
European Parliament,

Marietje Schaake

Former Member of the
European Parliament,
The Netherlands


 Maria Ranga, 14

 I am an optimistic and open person who likes
discovering new things. I think computers are defining our world and being able to properly manage them is very important.

Kintija Trautmane, 13

 Last year, I went to coding summer school. I saw a lot of students who were determined to code, especially girls. Hopefully this year will be as successful as last year. I'm a creative person and coding requires loads of creativity.

Marta López Serrano, 13

I study at the European School of Brussels l (EEB1).Thanks to my school I heard about you and I thought it was a good idea to learn coding. It WAS a good idea!

Benedetta Zanzi, 15

I come from Italy.
Even though I’m not an expert in ICT, I decided to participate in the Coding Summer School because I like to learn and discover new things. 

Anatole Huet, 17

I participated in two editions. There was always a good mood and lots of participants ready to learn about coding. This year, I want to help them and share what I learned.

Marianna Messina, 14

I am curious, interested in innovation and new technology.
I like math, science, play the guitar and stay with friends.
I think coding is a right key to understand and create your future.

Thomas Bo Simoni Larsen, 12

I was first introduced to coding last summer when I attended the coding school for the first time with my friends. I enjoy coding as a fun activity to do with your mates and to create something new. I am looking forward to another year in the coding school but this time as an ambassador. 

Niels Edinger, 14

In 2017, I participated for the first time in the Coding School. It was great, we learnt a lot about coding. I also joined a meeting in the European Parliament. This year, I will participate as an ambassador, which is a great opportunity. I look forward to meeting new people and work together on new coding projects.

Maria-Paula Newrly-Cáceres, 15

Maria-Paula has taken part in The Coding Summer School twice. Since then she once a week attends private coding classes. Maria-Paula also engages in dancing and playing the piano and enjoys to visit other countries and cultures. 

Vijay Francis Moorthy, 11

In my free time, I enjoy coding, singing in a Boys Choir, and collecting Pokémon cards. I enjoyed the Coding Summer School because it expanded my mind and made me think about the world in different ways. I also liked learning how to code in HTML while still having fun. 

Maciej Postulski, 14

I love coding and helping other people. I think that coding is the future, so I'd like to develope the knowledge of other people about the coding and also mine.